Redland Ahead

Redland Ahead (a nonprofit company) was formed to:

  • Work in unison with FIU to provide support to the FIU’s Agro-Ecology program in South Florida in expansion of the newly awarded FIU Hispanic Land Grant University status.
  • Support the training of underserved populations and Veterans to become farmers & explore careers in Agri-business in programs offered by FIU and UF (TREC).
  • Support training to improve the profitability from existing or future crops through university and private development of incubators, commercial kitchens and other ventures in the Redland community.

Income for operations of Redland Ahead are a combination of grants, donations and fee for service in the training, sale for detection or other special placements.

The Founders: Redland Ahead, Inc. was formed with the following members based on the need to stay small and expand only once the strategy for generation of operating capital proves effective:

Dean Winner

Dean Winner

Dean Winner, Board Chairman and Education Coach is an US Army Veteran that was asked to join the effort based on his 30 years as a board member in the State of Washington education system at both the local and regional (ESD) level.  Dean retired after 28 years as Chief Pilot of a Fortune 100 company based in the Northwest. Cell 360-951-4244 or

Board members:

Kelley Hall, Secretary Treasurer and Dog Handler Cell 786-205-7202 or

Lourdes Edlin, VP Development and SCC Programs: Lourdes has 40 years animal training experience that includes dogs, cats, dolphins, primates, birds, pigs, etc. Her company Action Pack provides animal talent for production work, animal behavior consultation as well as canine entertainment for various venues. Lourdes has been representing Nestle’ Purina Incredible Dog Challenge as a spokesperson/lead trainer for over 18 years. TV appearances include Late Night with David Letterman, Jay Leno, Cruisers Training Tips, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends and Today. In addition to her work in the entertainment field she procured, trained, validated and installed detector dog teams for USDA’s Beagle Brigade.  Cell 786-229-8363 or

John Mills, President is a US Army Veteran and offers his leadership development and team building expertise to the company.  As a 30 year US Army veteran, drafted in 1965, serving 3 combat tours and retiring as a Colonel with exemplary and meritorious service, his civilian accomplishments are numerous and have ranged from: the implementation and transfer of the Panama Canal back to Panama (as Secretary of the Panama Canal Commission) to 10 years of integrating small family-owned companies into a moderate sized publicly held company (Watsco, Inc). John can be reached at cell 305-987-5049 or email