Rescue of the Week

On 6/12, Thursday a young male Rottweiler was picked up from the Ag-Center.  Apparently this Redland roamer showed up at their location earlier in the week looking for a hand-out. Although he looked fully grown, he was still quite young.  He appeared to be a result of neglect and physical abuse.  When leashed he would cower in fear and his neck was severely irritated from a tightly worn collar.

rottiecharlieOnce the Rottie (temp named Charlie) arrived under the care of Kelley, K9 Handler  and Lourdes, K9 Trainer he was given a thorough evaluation.  It was decided that he needed to be fostered with a family that understood his needs and the breed.

FullSizeRender (2)Fortunately, Donna from the Ag-Center was able to initiate a conversation with Southern States Rescue Rottweilers (SSRR) who provided us a contact person in WPB. Once Suzanne from SSRR was contacted she was eager to assist in any way. After a bath, grooming and 3 days of TLC, Charlie  responded extremely well to the gentle handling.

Today, Sunday morning, Charlie, our Rottie was placed with Suzanne (rescue person) in WPB that owns 3 Rotties.  He was immediately taken to a vet for a quick medical exam and was found heartworm negative.  The photos below are Charlie’s before (pick-up day) and after (with his foster family, dog on right) photos.