Cooper’s Story

image1 The Redland is a rural area of southwest Miami sadly too often utilized as the dumping grounds of unwanted dogs. Many of them wander in hopes of finding a kind person that will offer them the necessities of life. To them….a home with a warm bed, gentle hand and an opportunity to love is “icing on the cake”. Cooper (aka Coco) is a Chocolate Lab that was one of those dogs.

He was found in a fruit grove looking for food from any source. He was taken in by Second Chance Canines during the summer of 2014. His temperament test indicated that he possessed attributes of a potential detector dog; however, his need for a home was much greater. In preparation of life in a home it was decided to place Cooper with a foster family. Great supporters of rescue dogs, Marci and Ken, reached out to offer their assistance. They were what Cooper needed to complete the cycle that Second Chance canines started. The cycle that included a warm bed, gentle hand and an opportunity to love. Through their hard work they located the ideal family for him. Finally, Cooper can have his cake and eat it too….icing and all.

“Cooper……Sweet from the very beginning, yet a little “lost.”  He found love in every room of our house and hearts…..and daily has planted his stamp on it all with his cuddles and kisses, patience and obedience, playfulness and exuberance.  He doesn’t have to look over his shoulder any more.  He knows he is “found.”  We’re all in love!!!” -Mike and Roseanne Carbo