Oliver’s Story

image011On a stormy day in November of 2014, a dog was found running on Krome Ave, a very busy road. A purebred Pekingese. Efforts to locate his previous owners were taken; however, he was most likely discarded due to the poor condition he was in.

The initial evaluation of the Pekingese  indicated that he was visually impaired labeling him unadoptable by most rescue organizations.  Fortunately, a breed rescue group offered assistance with this special case and provided the support needed to change Oliver’s life.  This little guy had so much to offer, it became our mission to find him the perfect home. After many days of coordination, Oliver was on his way to Texas. To the delight of the Second Chance Canines team, his new family has exceeded all expectations.

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“My husband and I adopted Oliver in February 2015.  I saw him listed for adoption with a rescue and fell in love instantly. My first dog, when I was five years old, was a Pekingese. Through the years my life has been filled with many wonderful dogs of other breeds but not a Pekingese until we adopted Oliver.  I’m so happy to have another because we adore him!image012

I flew a day trip from Houston, TX to Florida to pick him up. Oliver joined our family of five other rescue dogs of different sizes and breeds. Oliver is very laid back and overall adjusted beautifully considering it can get a bit crazy sometimes in the Nuzzo household. My husband and I own our own consulting company and work in our home so we are there all the time to oversee the doggie ‘madness’. Oliver is quite a character and funny, playful, friendly and affectionate. He brings us joy every day and we are so happy we adopted him into our family. -Kim Nuzzo