Shadow’s Story

IMG_2170Shadow, a beautiful German Shepherd and her canine buddy, Barney, appeared at our training facility November of 2014. Both dogs were thin and hoping for a handout. Immediately they were taken in, vetted and cared for. Shadow was extremely friendly with people; however, the only dog she would befriend was Barney. It was clear that the two relied on each other for survival.

image1After attempts to locate her previous owners failed, the decision was made to find her a new home. Shadow was intelligent, kind and ready to offer many years of love and companionship. Through the assistance of a rescue group her new family were located. Mike possessed experience with the breed and had no other animals. A perfect match!


“Shadow came from the streets in the Redlands. Having lost my last dog after several months we decided to adopt an abandoned dog, we met Shadow.  Some training treats, leash time and now a couple weeks short of a year, Shadow is the most affectionate, smartest dog I have owned. .Give these abandoned dogs a home, some love and they ARE great pets and companions.” -Mike Blackstock