Cooper’s Story

image1 The Redland is a rural area of southwest Miami sadly too often utilized as the dumping grounds of unwanted dogs. Many of them wander in hopes of finding a kind person that will offer them the necessities of life. To them….a home with a warm bed, gentle hand and an opportunity to love is “icing on the cake”. Cooper (aka Coco) is a Chocolate Lab that was one of those dogs.

He was found in a fruit grove looking for food from any source. He was taken in by Second Chance Canines during the summer of 2014. His temperament test indicated that he possessed attributes of a potential detector dog; however, his need for a home was much greater. In preparation of life in a home it was decided to place Cooper with a foster family. Great supporters of rescue dogs, Marci and Ken, reached out to offer their assistance. They were what Cooper needed to complete the cycle that Second Chance canines started. The cycle that included a warm bed, gentle hand and an opportunity to love. Through their hard work they located the ideal family for him. Finally, Cooper can have his cake and eat it too….icing and all.

“Cooper……Sweet from the very beginning, yet a little “lost.”  He found love in every room of our house and hearts…..and daily has planted his stamp on it all with his cuddles and kisses, patience and obedience, playfulness and exuberance.  He doesn’t have to look over his shoulder any more.  He knows he is “found.”  We’re all in love!!!” -Mike and Roseanne Carbo

Veterans and Small Farmers Outreach Program

FIU Magazine highlights Redland Ahead’s collaboration with FIU’s Veterans and Small Farmers Outreach Program.

“Already involved with the local farm community, Bhat and Jayachandran, in collaboration with retired U.S. Army Col. John Mills, who now serves as president of non-profit Redland Ahead, debuted the Veterans and Small Farmers Outreach Program at FIU in early 2015. The initiative caters to former soldiers and new or aspiring minority farmers.”

Read more about FIU’s Veteran and Small Farmers Outreach Program.

Rescue of the Week

On 6/12, Thursday a young male Rottweiler was picked up from the Ag-Center.  Apparently this Redland roamer showed up at their location earlier in the week looking for a hand-out. Although he looked fully grown, he was still quite young.  He appeared to be a result of neglect and physical abuse.  When leashed he would cower in fear and his neck was severely irritated from a tightly worn collar.

rottiecharlieOnce the Rottie (temp named Charlie) arrived under the care of Kelley, K9 Handler  and Lourdes, K9 Trainer he was given a thorough evaluation.  It was decided that he needed to be fostered with a family that understood his needs and the breed.

FullSizeRender (2)Fortunately, Donna from the Ag-Center was able to initiate a conversation with Southern States Rescue Rottweilers (SSRR) who provided us a contact person in WPB. Once Suzanne from SSRR was contacted she was eager to assist in any way. After a bath, grooming and 3 days of TLC, Charlie  responded extremely well to the gentle handling.

Today, Sunday morning, Charlie, our Rottie was placed with Suzanne (rescue person) in WPB that owns 3 Rotties.  He was immediately taken to a vet for a quick medical exam and was found heartworm negative.  The photos below are Charlie’s before (pick-up day) and after (with his foster family, dog on right) photos.

Farming program cultivates new opportunities for veterans

FIU News – June 4, 2015 – Evelyn Perez

Article excerpt:  “The Veteran and Small Farmers Outreach Program is a collaboration between FIU, Possum Trot, Redland Ahead, Inc., the Dade County Farm Bureau, and the Coalition of Florida Farmworkers Organizations. It is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Advocacy and Outreach.”

Image caption:  “Garfield Jarrett installs fencing in his farm operation in the Redlands, Fla. where he hopes to grow a variety of tropical crops.”

Read the entire article:

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