Redland Ahead, Inc.

Redland Ahead, Inc. is a 501-C3 non-profit organization formed to:

  • Work in unison with FIU to provide support to the FIU’s Agro-Ecology program in South Florida in expansion of the newly awarded FIU Hispanic Land Grant University status.
  • Support the training of underserved populations and Veterans to become farmers & explore careers in Agri-business in programs offered by FIU and UF (TREC).
  • Support training to improve the profitability from existing or future crops through university and private development of incubators, commercial kitchens and other ventures in the Redland community.

The Founders:

Redland Ahead, Inc. was formed by Dean Winner, John Mills, and Kelley Hall (see biographies below) to support agribusiness and provide services and opportunities to veterans and underserved in South Florida. The 501-C3 non-profit organization based in Redland near Homestead, Florida currently manages several smaller businesses focused on supporting and growing agribusiness with a strategy to stay small and expand once the generation of operating capital proves effective.

Board of Directors:

Dean Winner

Dean Winner

Dean Winner, Board Chairman and Education Coach, is an US Army Veteran that was asked to join the effort based on his 30 years as a board member in the State of Washington education system at both the local and regional (ESD) level.  Dean retired after 28 years as Chief Pilot of a Fortune 100 company based in the Northwest. Cell 360-951-4244 or

John Mills, Redland Ahead, CEO and President, provides leadership development and team building expertise to the company’s diverse clients. As a 30-year US Army veteran drafted in 1965, COL (RET) Mills served 3 combat tours and retired as a Colonel to start a civilian career focused on project management and agri-business.  His civilian accomplishments range from serving his country again as the Secretary of the Panama Canal Commission where he implemented the successful transfer of the Panama Canal back to Panama to growing Watsco, Inc, a smaller publicly traded company (it grew from $464 mil to $3.1 bil annual revenues over his ten years). Mills’ experience in agribusiness includes cofounding Innovative Detection Concepts, where he leads a team training canines to detect the presence and treatment of an invasive fungus in avocado groves. During that same period, he founded Redland Ahead, Inc., a 501-C3 non-profit, to support agribusiness and provide services and opportunities to veterans and underserved in South Florida.  Related projects include the expansion of the FIU Agroecology into the Redland and the operations of the Redland Community Farm and Market.  In 2017, John Mills agreed to have Redland Ahead assume operational control of Redland Community Farm and Market at Verde that operates a 22-acre organic farm, a commercial kitchen, and a farmers’ market for Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust. He and his wife now farm 140 acres of row crop, avocados, tropical fruits, and livestock in South Florida, giving him insight and instant credibility with the farming community and business community.  John Mills can be reached at cell 305-987-5049 or email

Kelley Hall, Secretary and Canine Enrichment specialist
Hall has 20 years of experience as a Special Education Teacher. During her career she modified children’s behavior utilizing compassion, consistency, patience and a positive attitude. Hall’s skills in developing incremental programs offered the children a sense of accomplishment while building confidence in their abilities. As a canine enrichment specialist, her expertise is utilized in implementing mentally and physically challenging projects for all the dogs in her care. In addition, Hall actively rescues dogs, (Second Chance Canines), requiring her to evaluate, rehabilitate and place them into foster and/or permanent homes. Cell 786-205-7202 or

Yolanda Olivo (Mills), Treasurer Biography coming soon.

Lourdes Edlin, VP Development of Canine Programs: Edlin has over 40 years animal training experience that includes dogs, cats, dolphins, primates, birds and pigs. Edlin has represented Nestle’ Purina Incredible Dog Challenge as a spokesperson/lead trainer for 21 years. TV appearances include Late Night with David Letterman, Jay Leno, Cruisers Training Tips, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends and Today. Edlin’s animal behavior expertise has been demonstrated in various facets of animal training. Her specialities include the training of Dogs for agricultural and wildlife detection. As a former USDA, APHIS, PPQ Canine Handler and Trainer she procured, trained, installed and evaluated dog teams throughout the U.S. As the Senior Trainer for iDC she completed the field training on 4 Detector Dogs trained to identify diseased trees and 3 dogs to locate invasive reptiles. Cell 786-229-8363 or

Tyra Phillips, VP Marketing, Sales, and Security: Tyra, who is the surviving daughter of a veteran, chose a career in Law Enforcement. In her tenure with the Coral Gables Police Department, she was a member of the bike patrol unit and a background investigator. When a bike accident ended her career as a Police Officer, she began her own business as a background investigator. Working mainly with the aviation industry, she gained much knowledge that proved valuable with HR restructuring. During this time, she also started her own non-profit. Tyra joined Redland Ahead in 2015. She has been instrumental in assisting with the marketing/sales of donated furniture and other items that benefit the training programs for the underserved and veterans. In 2017, when Redland Ahead assumed the management of Verde Community Farm & Market, Tyra became the Operations Manager of the Market & Commercial Kitchen, now known as the Redland Community Farm & Market. Although she is now the Executive Director with the Dade County Farm Bureau, she still maintains her position within the Redland Ahead organization. Her contact information is tyraphillips19@gmailcom or 305-992-2769.



Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
FDACS registration number for Redland Ahead is CH46028